The first year of high school is a period of great change in the lives of students. For many, their experience in the transition from primary to secondary education will influence their future academic and personal success.

The Year 7 Orientation camp is designed to address a number of key areas at this important time and at OAC we provide opportunities:

  • For peer bonding among students from a diverse primary school feeder network.
  • For teacher/student bonding.
  • To develop trust and effective communication between teachers and students.
  • For teamwork, communication and collaboration among students.
  • To challenge students and extend their boundaries outside limiting mindsets.
  • To give students an introduction to, and appreciation of, the Australian bush, waterways, flora and fauna.
  • For students to experience a range of adventure activities in a safe yet challenging environment.
  • To understand that physical exertion can be fun.
  • To encourage an interest in physical fitness as a means of overcoming obesity trends.
  • To enhance student's confidence and self esteem.

Our Year 7 camps are generally site based programs of 2 or 3 day duration, offering a range of activities such as abseil, low ropes, canoeing, bushwalk, preliminary navigation, campfire cooking, raft building, volleyball, archery and Zip line.

We offer schools exclusive site hire of our main camp at Castle Mountain which can accommodate up to 200 students or Little River which is suitable for smaller groups of 30 to 120 students.

As sole occupant, your school is not sharing amenities, activities or dining facilities with other groups.

Our meals are prepared on site with fresh produce and fresh fruit is available to students throughout the camp. Our guides are TAFE qualified in Outdoor Recreation, have Working with Children clearance and current first aid qualifications.

These programs provide excellent groundwork for future Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 camps where students are offered more complex programs with increased emphasis on self reliance and teamwork.

WE are proudly a covid safe venue.