Our Year 8 camp programs are designed to the specific aims and objectives of the school. Camps generally incorporate similar activities to Year 7, but the program is enhanced to foster more teamwork, communication and self confidence.

With Year 8 we often introduce bivouac into the program as a means of developing greater responsibility and self reliance in students. With bivouac, students are introduced to campsite selection, camp craft, setting up a tent and camp-based cooking, either in the form of a communal barbecue or working in small teams using trangia stoves.

Many schools have a specific agenda they need to incorporate in the camp program based on current school issues, for example, an anti-bullying policy or personal development programs. The camp environment provides for a "captive" audience where teachers can provide more formal instruction, perhaps with the use of audio visual presentations, and this message is reinforced by the nature of the activity program.

For example, the Year 8 program may have an emphasis on team initiatives, team navigation and other activities requiring interdependence among students for the success of the group. In these programs students learn that each participant's contribution is vital if the group is to succeed in the task at hand.

The Year 8 program also provides students with greater confidence to explore physical activity and outdoor pursuits which, in the light of the current obesity epidemic, can only be a good thing for both the individual and the community generally.

We offer schools exclusive site hire of our main camp at Castle Mountain which can accommodate up to 200 students or Little River which is suitable for smaller groups of 30 to 120 students.

As sole occupant, your school is not sharing amenities, activities or dining facilities with other groups this gives you the peace of mind especially now in these trying times.

Our venue follows all the covid 19 guidlines.

Our meals are prepared on site with fresh produce and fresh fruit is available to students throughout the camp. Our guides are TAFE qualified in Outdoor Recreation, have Working with Children clearance and current first aid qualifications.