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Why camps are equally as important for teachers as they are for kids?

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More often than not, teachers begin to feel overwhelmed with the amount of planning and involvement that goes into a school camp and rather miss out on the exciting memories and the creation of relationships with their students. Let’s be honest school camps aren’t a relaxing holiday, as much as we wish that they were they simply are not. Sometimes they involve waking up at the crack of dawn, constantly rounding the kids up and calming them down from all the excitement.

Camps are not just important for the kids though rather they have become equally important and crucial for all teachers, and here is why:

Building stronger bonds

In the space of a week, teachers have found they learn, grow and discover more about not only their school kids and teachers though also themselves. The comfortable and relaxed environment of school camps provides an opportunity that enables all teachers and students to let down their ‘walls’, creating a relationship dynamic like no other.

Challenge yourself

When it comes to the high rope courses or the rock-climbing activities it’s important to not only encourage and challenge your kids and yourself. Challenging yourself and jumping out of your comfort zone is crucial as it enables you to discover yourself as an individual and as a teacher. Once your school kids recognise your courage and bravery of challenging yourself, they will be more inclined to do the same. 

Another way to teach
View this camp as an occasion to teach different and varying skills, with these activities and development of skills, school camps encourage independence, self-confidence and stimulate both students’ and teachers’ creative wild side.

A school camp is a great learning experience for not only your school kids but too for you as a teacher. Suggest the idea of a school camp at the Outdoor Adventure Company, and start packing your bags for an experience not to be missed. 

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