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Make your Big Day an unforgettably magical dream

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As little girls, we grow up trying on our mums wedding dresses and prancing around the house imagining ourselves as Cinderella walking down the aisle to our imaginary prince charming. But now you’re all grown up, marrying the man of your dreams and the day is coming closer and closer. Planning a wedding comes with an abundance of preparation, information, time and a pinch of stress; but it shouldn’t be like that. At Australian Bushland Weddings we make dreams spring to life and create memories that will be cherished forever. The process has been made a lot easier for yourself so that you can focus on your big day, as we have signed up with easy weddings to make it less stressful.

It’s all about the small things.

Plenty of questions arise when you start planning a wedding: What colour will be the bridesmaids’ dress? What kind of flowers to choose? What style of dress should I wear? What type of cake? Chocolate or Vanilla? but the most important decision to make overall is the location of the wedding. The location is everything, it sets the scene, the atmosphere and the overall vibe of the wedding.

Celebrate your wedding a little differently, immerse yourself and your guests amongst Mother Nature herself. Get out of the hustle and bustle, enjoy an amazing ceremony with the fresh natural air flowing freely as you stand hand in hand next to the river or marry your love surrounded by a magical castle, it’s all about variety and choice at the Australian Bushland Wedding Company!

Photos are the key to our memories

Photos are the memories and reminders that we keep forever, they unlock the emotion and feeling of unimaginable heart-warming love, happiness and laughter. Capture those professional Instagramable photos with breathtaking picturesque scenery amongst the nature of the Hawkesbury region.

Enjoy an intimate wedding day without breaking the bank. Why spend only one day, when you could spend a full weekend embracing what nature has to offer and celebrating your love with all your guests? The place is all yours exclusively from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Dance till your feet are swore and your stomach aches with laughter.

Your wedding should be magical!

Weddings are magic. They bring out incredible feelings and emotions like nothing ever experienced before. Surrounded by a beautiful venue you should spend this intimate time with your closest family and friends. Spend the day together, hopelessly in love.

But don’t forget, to take a moment hand in hand and soak up and appreciate what your love is, and how it has brought an abundance of wonderful people together.

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