Mother nature is so incredibly precious and delicate yet so powerful and strong.

From the 18th to the 20th of January 2019, the Outdoor Adventure Company will be holding an event that shares the knowledge, connection and wisdom of women from all backgrounds, ages and races. It will be 3 days of pure connection both spiritually and mentally, where we will learn to nourish our bodies and the planet as one.

The Outdoor Adventure Company feels incredibly lucky to be able to host such a spiritual and personal event on our own grounds located on the majestic Hawkesbury Valley.

As little girls, we grow up trying on our mums wedding dresses and prancing around the house imagining ourselves as Cinderella walking down the aisle to our imaginary prince charming. But now you’re all grown up, marrying the man of your dreams and the day is coming closer and closer. Planning a wedding comes with an abundance of preparation, information, time and a pinch of stress; but it shouldn’t be like that. At Australian Bushland Weddings we make dreams spring to life and create memories that will be cherished forever. The process has been made a lot easier for yourself so that you can focus on your big day, as we have signed up with easy weddings to make it less stressful.

As adults we look back on our childhood with the fondest of memories. We remember the days where we rolled around in the mud like little mischievous kids we were; making mud pies and building forts out of branches of trees from the backyard. We must understand the great importance of childhood, and the impact of being a ‘kid’ has on our cognitive skills and ability as an adult.

Birthdays are one of the greatest memories for a child, so why not make it unforgettable by organising an outdoor, natural, adventure filled camping birthday party?

Team Building has become a must in any business’ recipe for success. There has been a shift in the narrative in support of empowering the employees. Employees are encouraged to ‘reach for the stars’ and are often given more leeway for extra-curricular work activities. And such there has been a corresponding rise in the options available to managers around Australia. Large Corporations will fork out millions of dollars to give their executives 5-star resorts in Hawaii, but what will they do for the rest of their employees? And how will smaller businesses compete and keep up? The answer is simple.

Tuesday, 09 October 2018 10:31

Parenting then vs. now

The News today is terrifying, everyday there’s something more horrendous than the previous, from abductions, to attacks, multiple shootings, and the never-ending string of environmental disasters… it just never stops. These devastating events are the harsh reality of the world we live in and it’s no coincidence that parents have cracked down.

Thinking of taking some time away from the office and spending quality time with the family? There are countless reasons why camping is the best holiday for families; however, I’ve managed to narrow it down to my personal top 5 reasons camping in the great outdoors is the superior holiday destination. 

Friday, 28 September 2018 12:48

Why School Camps are perfect for your Child

Each year, children are sent off to school camps; often for 2-3 nights or even potentially up to a week, to give them a break from the classroom and to let them have fun while developing important social skills that will help them in life. Schools put a big emphasis on these camps as they can teach students valuable life lessons and skills that they wouldn’t be able to learn in the classroom.

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